Wifi gratis en Miami

Wifi gratis en Miami

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Good news! May brings us a little present both residents and tourists of Miami and is going to have ... Wifi free!

Now we no longer look desperate a McDonald or Starbucks to connect to the network, because when we will want to connect from 400 key points of the city, especially those most tourist and commercial concentration.

There are many large cities with public access and next month we will join the privileged group. The Gowex company, which has installed WiFi in 85 cities, including Madrid, Paris, Dublin, San Francisco and New York, will offer this public service in our city.

Gowex will provide the residents of Miami 1Mbps connection for 24 hours completely free, in places like Miami Beach (Ocean Drive, Lenox Av.), Biscayne Blvd., Collins Av., Miracle Mile or Flagler St., among other strategic points .

The next question is how do I connect?

To connect free you have to have a smart phone or tablet and be close to one of the 400 key points GOWEX Wifi when you detect the ".FREEGOWEXWiFi" connect signal and you'll be ready to go online automatically.

During the first voyage, the citizens of Miami will have to subscribe to the website to obtain an ID and password so you can access the network in the future of this same way. Once you have entered the first time it will be easy to do it again using only the names chosen to identify. In addition, all Android users and iOS phones can download the app 'FREE WiFi GOWEX' from Google Play and Apple Store to connect more quickly to hundreds of points that make accessible the internet to the people of Miami as they have previously done in other cities.

Where can you connect?

The list specifies access points in Miami can find here

Who is GOWEX?

GOWEX takes 15 years operating in the telecommunications sector and is currently the leading developer of WiFi Cities. With offices in Madrid, Paris, London, Buenos Aires and Shanghai, GOWEX develops a model of sustainable and profitable business in their WiFi networks, which benefits both municipalities as users, franchises, associations and operators.

GOWEX in America

This company closed a contract with the city of New York to install 2,000 WiFi hotspots in the city and its surroundings. He then went to San Francisco in June 2013. In Miami we are fortunate to be the third.

To future

GOWEX is growing exponentially, total company profits reached 114.1 million euros in 2012, an increase of 71% more than it did in 2011. In December 2012 signed GOWEX adding 18 million capital 1,528,404 new shares to the market. In February 2012 the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the admission of the Group's ADRs (American Depositary Receipt) giving the green light to the US market OTCQX group. The company has offices in Madrid, Paris, Dubai, London, Buenos Aires, Shanghai and Costa Rica. He has received awards for being the best company in the Internet and in 2013 the company obtained the mention of the best new company, in the first edition of European medium companies.