Transporte En Miami

Publico y privado lo convencional y lo innovador

Tourism is the most important source of revenue Miami. He attracted in 2011 to more than 13.5 million tourists who came to this city to enjoy its beaches, hotels, conferences, festivals and various events. These tourists are divided equally between Latin America and the northern United States and other countries, they left us a profit of 17,000 million dollars.

The tourism industry in Miami is very good and is improving every day. However Miami public transportation leaves much to be desired, county officials are aware of this and try to amend this problem.

The figures denote that 12% of the population uses public transport daily this makes Miami has the highest rate of transit of Florida. Many workers rely on this transportation to their jobs.

Tourists also like to have easy access to public transport to travel around the city to offer affordable as other cities and without the inconvenience of being constantly calling taxis.

Hence the recent effort to add the orange line to Metrorail, which runs through Miami International Airport and passes through several key areas of the metropolitan area. The orange line has also served to make transport more frequency continues.

However in 2002 when he proposed citizens contributing half cent transportation, including airport, he made promises of improvement that have not been met.

Now there are other important projects in the public and private peephole as a fast train from Miami to Orlando that the company Florida East Coast Industries wants to establish. This service would have four stops, Miami Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando with connections to ports and airports.
In the same Miami deficiency in public transport has led some private you combine to create companies with options for tourists, here are some new ways to get around in Miami, public and private:

  • Scooter rental for $ 59 a day in Miami Beach. It's a fun form of local transport.
  • Car2go where you rent a car per minute. Every minute costs $ 0.38, when a maximum of $ 13.99, the day a maximum of $ 72.99.
  • Trolleys 've all seen these funny trolleys around town what few people know is that they are free, run every 15 minutes from 6:30 am to 11:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. Walking among other districts Brickell and Biscayne. They are also accessible for people in wheelchairs.
  • Monkey Shuttle is a free auto batteries that carries up to six individuals in the city center and the financial district. Claro is loaded with ads that is what makes it possible not cost anything.
  • Decobike to rent bicycles. These are not free, they cost you 30 minutes $ 4, $ 5 1 hour, 2 hours $ 10, $ 4 hours 18, one day $ 24. So if you better you do not spend the time because the additional minutes cost $ 4.
  • Pedicabs is a tricycle driver which sleeps two or three people. There is no fixed price and is dependent on the will of the user. You meet them especially in Mary Bricekll Village and Marlins Stadium