Trabajos mejor pagados para latinos

The mere fact of being Latino or Hispanic is not a crucial feature to find work. Unless the job requires a bicultural person with knowledge of American and Latin cultures (bridging the gap between all Latino cultures), a Latin work fails sake. Apart from being academically prepared, there are also barriers to ascend beyond a college degree.

Data as only 1.5 percent of CEOs in the Fortune 500 are Latino, or that only 14 percent hold positions of professional importance are alarming data.

The inclusion of Latinos in the top of the professional sphere should exist for the following reasons: 1) Hispanics represent the largest minority in the country and 2) the Latin market in the US is about $ 1 trillion. With a market the size of a country top 10 in the world with a population of around 50 million people, Latinos should be included in positions of importance in all sectors of society.

Currently, the best paid in our society Hispanics famous artists (Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria) or elite athletes (Alex Rogriguez, Pujols, etc.) One of the things you can do as a Latino professional worker is limited join some Latino professional organizations in your industry that champions respect and the importance of Hispanics in your profession. Some of the most important associations include:

This association of professionals in accounting and finance, offer training sessions and events to connect with Latinos in these industries.

Latin Business Association Organization which includes members from many countries. It promotes the growth of Hispanic businesses created through development activities and education.

National Society of Hispanic MBAs The main objective is to connect Hispanics who hold a degree in Business Administration (MBA).

The organization also focuses on increasing the leadership capacity of its members to be prepared to lead in the near future.

US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce > The chamber of commerce has more than 200 offices, including the United States, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. His main work is based on supporting small and medium-sized businesses created by Hispanic.

Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science As its name suggests, is dedicated to promoting inclusion and professional growth of Chicanos and other ethnic minorities. The most promoted areas are science and academia.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers has become America's largest professional organization in the world of engineers and scientists. It offers the opportunity to connect with other members and to expand knowledge through courses / conferences.

Interamerican College of Physicians and Surgeons With nearly 40,000 members in its ranks (professionals in the health sector), its mission is to foster cooperation among Hispanics industry professionals.

National Association of Hispanic Nurses. Just as the previous organization focuses primarily on physicians and surgeons, the national association of nurses / as Hispanic plays the same role among its members.

National Hispanic Medical Association The other major Hispanic organization for physicians and surgeons has in its ranks with nearly 45,000 members and promotes cooperation among professionals who practice medicine.

Hispanic National Bar Association More than 22,000 members of this organization that brings together lawyers, judges, and other Hispanic professionals in the law. Cooperation among members is encouraged; also they organized many events to connect its participants.

National Association of Hispanic Journalists Charge of connecting professionals in the media (television, radio, print, and internet), has nearly 2,500 members. Membership is open to students and teachers of journalism, radio, television, and communications in general.

National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals If you work as a real estate agent, this organization will help you connect with other Hispanics in your profession.

National Association of Puerto Rican and Hispanic Social Workers: Finally, social workers are also represented by this organization that encourages cooperation among its members.

As you can see, there are professional organizations that connect not only its members but also promote Latino values ​​and the inclusion of Hispanics in all industries and at all levels. If your profession has no professional association for Hispanics, you can shape it yourself.

Photo @ Paul Taylor