Trabajos (alternativos) para hacer desde casa

10 jobs that allow you to stay home


When they reach the despair for not having found work, savings are depleted and the bills are piling up, it's time to find some way to make some money with (almost) any work that is available. To do it from home, we offer some alternatives.


  1. Call Center.- Many companies have started to hire employees from their homes, attend customer calls or emails. For example, on page Rat Race Rebellion , you'll find hundreds of jobs not only in this category, but in many others.
  1. Tutor / Teacher . - To teach from home is not necessary, in some cases, possess a university degree or a special certificate, although most qualified persons are more likely to get to get those jobs (and better paid). To find related education from the house, see the following pages jobs:
  2. Evaluator internet search engines (search engine evaluators). Believe it or not, there are jobs for people who continually evaluate the performance of search engines like Google or Bing. As the main value of these engines provide relevant results to the user, what better than a user proving that the results are valid. See page to find out how you could get one of their jobs.
  3. Direct sales .- With the advent of internet, direct sales experienced an explosion. Anyone with access to a product can make a sale directly to the customer without having to open a store. The direct selling industry has become a business worth about 30 billion dollars. Companies like Amway, Avon or Pampered Chef are some of the best known in this area. In many cases it is not only to sell directly to customers but to recruit other sellers which in turn will generate benefits.
  1. Evaluator web pages. - A website has become empreas for a serious place of business, as have a factory, office or shop in a mall. Therefore, some companies hire people to stay continuously connected to your pages to assess and obtain valuable information. Some of the companies offering these services are or
  1. Answers questions .- As simple as answering questions in a conversation between friends, page hires people who are responsible for answering questions, most are not very relevant (What movies together parents and children appear?)
  2. Member of a focus group . - A focus group is a group used by many companies to validate a product or service before market release. It is possible to test the market acceptance without releasing it publicly, minimizing the risk of failure. Empreas as or offer these jobs.
  3. .- Imagine someone is about to rent a house at the other end of the United States for a week. The house has found through an advertisement on the website, but is not sure if the photos published are real or if there is something they are not telling you about your location or anything else. That person would like to send someone, if I could, to verify all data on the house before committing to spend that kind of money. That's where contractors come WeGoLook. This company sends to local people who check any information, to ensure accuracy.
  4. Judicial investigations .- When basic information (background checks), some law firms pay workers or subcontract with other companies such efforts is needed. For example, JellyBeanServices gives you the opportunity to perform these background checks.