¿Qué es Fusion Drive?

Question: What is Fusion Drive?


Apple talks about Fusion Drive as a technology that improves the performance of their computers without limiting its storage capacity. But what is Fusion Drive? And why should I care?



What is Fusion Drive

Apple has found a way to create a persistent memory unit, which takes the best of the options that are on the market: solid state memory or flash memory (SSD) and hard disk optical (HDD), and unites to give us a better performance without losing storage capacity.

Fusion Drive is a fusion between a solid-state memory and an optical disk drive in a single unit. He said Phil Schiller, vice president of worldwide marketing for Apple, in the event that introduced Fusion Drive : the user does not have to do anything to run this type of memory, " is automatic, there is nothing to configure, nothing to it : only it works "

Why is it better Fusion Drive

The solid state memory has many advantages over optical drives, however, also has a major drawback: the price. Ideally, all computers, from all manufacturers, come equipped with solid state memory. It turns out that this type of storage unit more expensive products, and despite that allows devices to perform better, computer makers are not always encouraged to install it on their devices, because they would have to have a high price if You want to have a high storage capacity, or if what you want is a low price: they have to install a low storage capacity.

So does Apple with its cheapest MacBook Air, which only has 64 GB of SSD memory.

Ie a hard drive that allows us to store large amounts of data at low cost, and solid state memory provides us with a better performance of our computers but with the consequence of expensive product.

Apple, by joining the two types of memory unit, has achieved a similar performance to that has a computer with flash memory-at least that presumen- but without the limitations in storage capacity.

How it works Fusion Drive

What makes Fusion Drive is to select the information you use most, and stored in solid state memory. Thus the need to boot the system information is stored in flash memory and that allows the computer to have a similar time with the MacBook Air, which is 15 seconds start.

But it is not only the start of the computer, but also applications. Users tend to use some more than others applications, so the computer will recognize which applications use more, and stored in solid state memory so that the system can access them and retrieve the necessary data faster than if they were on the disk optical drive.

If we, for example, photographs, movies or other files that are not used as frequently, the system stored in the HDD and can thus have large amounts of data stored while a fast computer.

According to Schiller showed, as an example, in a graph during the presentation of this technology, the performance of a computer with the Fusion Drive, when performing a task such as importing images, is only slightly below the performance that has a computer flash memory.

In what I can have computers Fusion Drive

Fusion Drive is available for ultra-thin iMacs and the Mac mini, but not all the iMac or Mac mini you can have it.

Computers that may have Fusion Drive are:

  • The 21.5-inch iMac with Intel Core i5 2.9 GHz can be configured with 1TB Fusion Drive unit.
  • The 27-inch iMac with any configuration, you may opt to have unity Fusion Drive 1TB or 3TB choice.
  • The Mac mini with Intel Core i7 processor has option to be configured with a 1TB Fusion Drive.

This means that the Mac mini i5 processor, and the 21.5-inch iMac with i5 processor at 2.7 GHz, have the option of adding Fusion Drive.

What it is the novelty of this technology

Computers already on the market with hybrid drives, which have SSD and HDD as a data storage unit. An example of this can be the ASUS S Series and some other ultrabooks. The big difference between Drive and Fusion hybrids, is the way in which the Mac operating system manages memory. As mentioned earlier: with this type of storage device, the system startup files and frequently used applications are accessible in the flash memory; Files or applications that are not used much, is stored on the hard disk.

This causes much of the time, the computer performance is better, but not like that of a device that uses only SSD.