Pierna de cordero asada

Pierna de cordero asada
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For many, the lamb is associated with a strong smell of grassland and poultry and in many countries it is thought that the meat is a little hard or very greasy. But there are many who have spent years eating lamb and know the virtues and benefits of this source of protein, zinc and various meat B vitamins start by some information to know what kind of lamb used.  

Types of lamb:

  1. Lamb is lamb , which is generally fished between 4 and 6 weeks. This lamb has been fed only breast milk and meat has a very pale pink and a delicate flavor. Weighs between 6 and 8 kilos.
  2. The lamb that follows (called recental in some countries) is the most common on the market. Has three to four months of life, flesh pink, still quite lean, it weighs no more than 15 kilos.
  3. It is called lamb Easter in Spain which has between four months and one year old. Their meat has a much more intense flavor than the previous two and is usually associated with that strong smell "a lamb."
  4. Finally is the largest sheep or ram , which is consumed very little. Very dark, hard and intense flavor of meat.

Preparing the lamb:

Here I'll tell you a way to prepare a leg of lamb that taught me Liliana Guzman, one of the owners of Casablanca Bistro, a restaurant with typical Chilean food with a gourmet spin, which works in the house of the Berrios Guzman family in Florida , Santiago.

  1. Become a boneless leg of lamb, which should weigh about 1 kilo and a half.
  2. Put in a source that contains easily.
  3. In a mortar, add salt (sea salt is preferable), a little lemon juice, a splash of vinegar or white wine, 2 cloves garlic, chopped rosemary and butter. Mix these ingredients to produce a slurry.
  4. Rub the leg with this marinade and let marinate overnight in the refrigerator.
  5. The next day, turn on the grill and wait until the heat is not too strong (hold the hand extended about three seconds to few centimeters of the grid where the meat should go) and place the leg. If the fire is too strong, the meat will dry out and lose some of its tenderness.
  6. The idea is that the foot is a crispy crust on the outside and very juicy inside. This is achieved with low heat and occasionally flipping. The leg of lamb should be ready after an hour of cooking. 
  7. Serve with a salad of tomato and onion (the so-called Chilean salad ) and cooked potatoes, which after passing through a boil put on the grill to brown. Drizzle potatoes with pebre of mote or a pebre to merkén. And open a bottle of red wine inevitable. A Cabernet Sauvignon with some years of aging is perfect, as is also very well be a Spanish Tempranillo.

Note: Article revised and updated by Karla P. Hernandez in October 2015 (expert Roasted)