Picnics en Miami


Summer evenings last until well into what would become the night in the winter time so when the sun lashes out so strong in Miami is a good time to go out and make a "picnic" Summer with family or your partner and escape the pressures of the day doing an inexpensive and relax parentheses but where to go? Here I give you some possibilities.

  • As I live in Key Biscayne I'll start at home, Park Bill Baggs I love it and if you dare to bring the bike or come in even better bike. You have a path that goes around the island by sea and in the end is the beach. There are tables and grills for grilling meat or fish. Speaking of fish there are also small fishing piers and if you can get lucky and you get a beautiful fish you can snack but you better bring an alternative for if you do not feel like eating fishing immediately. My brother is a great spearfishing curiously happens that, you can not eat your game the same day, as if he had respect for the fish ....! 

Entrance to the park costs $ 8 per vehicle with up to 8 people and if you come by bike will cost $ 2 per rider. The advantage of this park is that if it rains there are places where you know that shelter summer nights downpours are a bit unpredictable. Also after a gluttonous you can give a tour of the lighthouse or roads bordered by vegetation that offers this park.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park 1200 S. Crandon Blvd. Key Biscayne, FL 33149 (305) 361-5811

  • Another very nice park in Miami is Doug Barnes Park, which has the advantage of being free. It has many open spaces with two peculiarities many pines (you do not see often in South Florida) and also has the peculiarity to attract a large population of migratory birds. It has a heated pool and a nature center.

Doug Barnes Park 3401 SW 72nd Ave Miami, FL 33155 (305) 666-5883

  • If you prefer to see water after a hot day then go to South Pointe Park that has an enviable view of the port of Miami from the southern tip of Miami Beach. There you can see the cruise ships slide into the ocean. Its location also receives a very nice sea breeze and has a playground for children, admission is free. South Pointe Park

South Ponte Parke 1 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 673-7725

  • One of the traditional parks is Tropical Park Miami. Here there is no sea but have built a kind of beach and a large park for children. It also has tennis courts and an equestrian center. If you bring it because there is a dog park for canines, it's free.

Tropical Park  7900 SW 40th St. Miami, FL 33155 (305) 226-8316

  • Amelia Earhart is immense park with 515 acres and five lakes that make this place a nice chance for a summer picnic. It has grills covered in case it rains, cycling sites, offers water sports, volleyball, extensive fishing, cycling trails, paddleboats or canoes. A small zoo for children petted the animals. The entrance fee is $ 6 per car on weekends.

Amelia Earhart Park  401 E. 65th St. Hialeah, FL 33014 (305) 685-8389