Pasion del Cielo, ¿Starbucks Latino?

So far in Miami mostly had the option of Cuban coffee purchased standing in a window so that abound in this city or Starbucks. Leaving Miami was just Starbucks, because the Cuban coffee aroma disappears as close as Ft. Lauderdale, but now we have the alternative of Passion of Heaven which gives us the best coffee in Latin America and unmixed !.

This is a cafe and Latin flavored coffee has a very valid option American giant Starbucks coffee and is growing by leaps and bounds. They offer coffee brought from all parts of Latin America in a warm and modern environment.

The Mexican Fernando Salinas is behind the idea of ​​offering this Passion of Heaven. just four years ago he started this company and already has almost three locations in Miami, Dadeland, Coral Gables and soon in Midtown. Salinas's vision is to extend this concept cafe across the United States, starting with Miami, after California, Texas, Georgia and New York.

Salinas noted that at first, like many of us, drank coffee by drinking it, but about 10 years ago began to distinguish the different aromas and flavors of coffee and realized that there are huge differences between one another. Being with her daughter Fernanda in Italy and delighting a cup of quality coffee and not trashy, father and daughter thought that there is a niche in the US for people who prefer not to mix and quality coffee.

"This just coincided with the departure from Mexico of the family to Miami. As in Miami much Latino who likes to drink coffee thought to establish a cafe with better than Latin America offers," said Ricardo Zavala director of quality control of the company.

Zavala explains that there are two types of coffee the Arabica and coffee Robusta . The latter is very easy to harvest, so it is the most widely used. Arabica is harvested only has the minimum altitudes and properties, said Zavala, to give a good "rate". Also in the coffee and wine there is much hodgepodge, according to him , and this spoils the coffee harvest because each country has different properties, which they call a toast points and graduations. When there is mixed this is not taken into account and coffee and roasted grouped by common denominator and this ends up damaging the flavor of the coffee. When the coffee is pure, like selling Passion of Heaven, considered only the properties of that particular coffee and toast and is the ideal spot, the result of a purer and more intense flavor and better quality.

So when you enter Heaven Passion they treat you like a wine taster and ask if you want your loud, soft or medium coffee.

In Passion of heaven have a more than 1,000 selections of pure coffee that has not been mixed they let you "taste" the country's coffee and decide for yourself which is the more inviting your palate.

You can also see typically Latin products as Argentine alfajores and there is much more to come. "I do love coffee and when I travel I always look for a good cafe is why I feel I can say with authority that Passion of Heaven is the best I've seen. The selection of cafes, wifi, young public and hip with their macbooks, designing everything is where it should be. I take a "latte" coffee Blue Mountain and it was probably the best coffee I ever drank in my life. Of course back "Mathew O writes on Yelp.