Lunes cibernético, Cyber Monday

consejos prácticos para comprar en línea

Las rebajas empiezan desde hoy y algunas duran toda la semana.

Here you have information schedules Black Friday in Miami

There are some who prefer to take their time when shopping in Miami! As we eat and drink a great time on Thanksgiving, that getting up early or deprive yourself of sleep night to long lines and fritters with eager to grab the reduction of the day crowd, is no plan, especially with the stomach full of turkey and wine ingested hours earlier, so many see cyber Monday as a fairly civilized possibility.

Monday 2 December when food "Thanksgiving" this more than digested, you can sit on your brand new computer and let your fingers direct you where the best deals on the net. Also if you want to put Santa Claus hat while you do, no one will see, of course unless you can think of buying from your office and certainly there that this gesture will seem very funny. Put Christmas music and have fun, no queues, without seeking parking, no jostling and even more attractive prices than in physical stores.

This idea of a special day of shopping cyberneticas began in November 2005 as "eHoliday" and in 2006 the portal was announced CyberMonday charging a boom. This year expected $ 1.2 billion in purchases and the concept was imported into Canada, England, Portugal, Germany, New Zealand and Chile. According to Census United States Department of Commerce online sales last year amounted to millions of dollars and this year even more are expected.

However it is important to have a few guidelines before starting full shopping on the internet, so be sure to get the best deals and you do not get "bait and switch" or stealing the identity finish.

As internet users go up, so do the hackers as this day creates ample opportunity for identity theft and fraud.

One of the main avenues for these hackers are social networks. Beware of web sites that appear to represent national brands but are actually created by cyber criminals who often make use of Facebook or Twiter credibility to appear or pretend they are friends tips.

Therefore the advice of experts are:

  • Installs and activates a security program on your computer or at least use an antivirus program to protect you from cybercriminals. This will prevent them from entering your computer and take ownership of your information. If you use an antivirus sure you have double protection (firewall) to prevent use your computer to send "spam" others.
  • Use strong passwords that are considered including letters, numbers and symbols. I know it's difficult, but do not use the same password for all your accounts this facilitates the task hackers.
  • Make sure the store site is legitimate. Go to "website" Store directly and do not use encouraging "links" rebajadísimos advertised prices but could lead you to a fake site. Never trust the "pop ups" and be sure that the name of the Wi-Fi is legitimate.
  • Many cybercriminals obtain information pretending to use FedEx and UPS services. These sites seem real but represent a trap for you, confident, you put all your information. Make sure before you give any personal data to these is a reliable website that starts with https: // with a small padlock next door, this ensures that your information is secure.
  • Do not believe offers that are too good. For example thousand dollars on a card Best Buy, but leads you to a questionnaire in which you try to sell promotions and subscriptions of all kinds. All these are ways of appropriating your information.
  • Intended only creates a network shopping mail and your personal information will not be at risk. If you buy with a debit card, this puts your bank account at risk. Besides credit cards have more protection in case of identity theft.

    Now you're ready to go and sign some coupons and then where people tells you the best deals.

    Cyber ​​Monday Begins Sunday today for many stores. Strong sales at stores like Toys R Us and Wallmart starting at 6 pm. Others like Amazon begin at midnight. Good luck and follow these tips not only today but throughout the season.

    If you live abroad and want to buy in the United States here I have for you some data.

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