Importancia y beneficios de los zumos verdes

Jugo fresco de zanahorias, jengibre, apio, remolacha y pepino. Foto Fernanda Beccaglia

As you may know, smoothies and juices are different from each other. Not only for its ingredients, but how they are processed, and the end result that you get. In addition, each serving a different function.

To make smoothies, i love my food processor and blender Blendtec . And to make juices, these days I've been testing the juicer Omega J8003 Nutrition Center.

The difference between smoothies and juices is simple: smoothies have all the fiber, enzymes and juices and pure nutrition without fiber.

While both are very easy to digest, including shakes as it reaches the already dissolved intestines juices are immediately absorbed and are ideal for when you do diets of purification and detox because you give the body the necessary nutrients without extra effort as work that requires digest food.

Health benefits of green juices

  • Vegetable juices are full of nutrition that is easily absorbed while giving the digestive system a break. It's like having everything without even trying!
  • Juices from green vegetables regulate blood sugar by creating balance in the system, calming cravings, desires, and addictive patterns.
  • Green juices are healthy replacement for those with hectic and busy life meals.

But you have to be making a cleansing diet to consume juices. Personally, it is the best way to start my day and give my body the boost and alertness during the afternoon without having to load it with foods low in nutrition and high in calories.

If you're getting up early, type 5: 30-6: 00 am, a green juice is perfect to begin awakening the digestive system, while you eat nutrition and energy. Then, before lunch type 11 in the morning, you take another juice. And then by around 4 pm, before dinner at 6 pm (no later than 6:30 pm), take another.

That as a general rule. The important thing is that you consume any food away so you can absorb and use nutrients more quickly and effectively and enzymes .

Why dinner is also key early

Why did I mention that is ideal dinner between 5: 30-6: 00pm? Although I did not grow up eating dinner early (on the contrary, we dined sometimes at 10pm and heavy foods like meat, pasta with sauce made desserts!), I now realize the difference to health level and sleep makes the bedtime with light stomach.

Just because you need a few hours between dinner and the time when you go to sleep. It is not healthy at all go to sleep with a full stomach. Ideally, you go to sleep with a light feeling and even a hint of hunger without having a strong hunger that will not let you rest.

I find that the juices are really miraculous. Without going any further, a few weeks ago I got up as if to give me something ... the issue is that that day could not rest. He had to teach yoga all day. So what I did, then "scan" mentally my body to see what I needed, I just had the opportunity between one class and another, was going to get me a fresh juice which was a feeding pump. I just took the first sips, immediately felt the transformation in the body (had an empty stomach, is when you absorb it almost immediately).

It was incredible. Not only that, but they gave me the energy and health to teach physically and mentally active until evening.

Here you step examples of green juices.