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Have you ever wondered where does this custom of Easter eggs seems rather pagan?

Judeo-Christian version

The most outstanding moment of the liturgical calendar is undoubtedly the Holy Week that evokes the passion, death and resurrection of Christ which culminates with Easter Sunday. In the United States and other countries it is celebrated with Easter eggs that apparently have nothing to do with it all. Have you ever been asked the question where does this custom that seems rather pagan?

The true origin of Easter dates back to 1513 BC, when the Jewish people began its exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land and crossed the Red Sea after escaping ten plagues that weakened the Egyptians. Each year, the people celebrated the release reminder eating Vespers, bitter herbs dipped in vinegar, they remembered the sadness they held before escaping.

The next day each family chose a lamb, a male a year that was sacrificed at day's end and was eaten with bitter greens. He was not allowed to break their bones, meat scraps or leave. Over the next 14 days, the Jewish people ate unleavened bread they called "unleavened" or "bread of affliction."

Just the night before his death Jesus meets his disciples to celebrate Passover and tells them "Do this in remembrance of me."

The first Christians celebrated the Passover of the Lord on the same day that the Jews, ie during the night of the first full moon of the first month of spring about 14 or 15 April)

Version pagan
Other historical versions suggest that the custom comes from the sacred spring festival in honor of the Teutonic goddess of light and spring known as Eostre. The celebration of Easter received its name (Easter), in honor of the Germanic goddess who chase the demons of winter. "His symbols of the goddess of fertility were the egg and the hare.

So Christianity and pagan ceremonies are mixed. The jubilation by the resurgence of spring became the rejoicing over the resurrection of Christ.

Where to go with children on Easter Sunday or collect eggs that does not cost much?

  • Coral Gables Eggstreme Egg Hunt & helicopter egg drop
  • The City of Miami
  • The Mall of the Americas
  • Eggstravaganza free party in Miami Beach
  • Coral Castle Easter egg hunt
  • The Miami Seaquarium $ 8 follows the Easter weekend.
  • Jungle Island entry $ 5 the Easter weekend.Where to go to eat on Easter Sunday?
    Rusty Pelican known in Miami for its great view, the Rusty Pelican is a great place to visit at Easter (3201 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, 305-361-3818)
    Cioppino Located at the Ritz-Carlton resort in Key Biscayne, Cioppino offers one of best Sunday lunches. (455 Grand Bay Drive, Key Biscayne, 305-365-4500)
    1200 Courtyard Grill located in the glamorous Biltmore Hotel one of the best brunch in South Florida. (1200 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables, 305-445-8066).Level 25 Located in the Hotel Conrad in the area of Brickell Avenue, Level 25 a traditional lunch is offered every Sunday from 11:30 until 2:30 pm.