Ejemplo de carta de presentación con explicaciones

The following letter is an example of a written position for the web content manager in a marketing letter. The names of persons and company have been changed to protect their identities. The text of the letter I have included it in bold to highlight the explanations (in italics).

Dear Mr. Jones:

(Many of the ads that we found on the internet just tell you that the letter sent to an email address without giving the name of any person. But to differentiate yourself from the other candidates, using your search tools to get the name of the person in charge of the department responsible for hiring or for that position. In this case, the ad was posted on LinkedIn and appeared right "Posted by Mr. Jones." In other cases, you must dig a little deeper with Google and corporate website of the company for a name)

The success of your company relies on the quality of people we hire and the level of technology offered to each of its customers. In a recent interview, even you got to say that the most important thing in recruitment is the ability to communicate with customers. (Having researched on the Internet, the search found several interesting statements by the person who hires and he used them in the letter to emphasize its ability to take an interest in the company). In the job announcement, it specified looking for someone who can create quality content for readers of its website and has knowledge of CMS systems . (The search engine pulls skills required in the job advertisement to demonstrate once again that pager company knows what the problem to be solved) .


You might say I am the ideal candidate for this position but I'll let the facts speak for themselves:


  • Creator of web content for the page www.escribo.net over the past two years with an increase of 200 percent traffic in page views. A recent survey of satisfaction among visitors showed that 92 percent of visitors show a level of high / very high satisfaction.
  • CMS systems specialist for more than 5 years with the company AYMarketin, resulting in savings in administrative costs of $ 250,000 during that period.


(The previous section is responsible for not only highlight the most important achievements with the work in question but also has managed to quantify the search. When the reader reads these figures, a productive employee who looks after the welfare of the company and imagines it is able to quantify their achievements. two skills highly sought after by companies today These achievements should be part of what is included in your resume . What you have done is remove the "gold" of your resume and teach exactly what the reader You want to see in an ideal candidate).

As you can see, not only could increase traffic to your site with quality content and SEO techniques, but also your company could save a lot of money in administrative costs through the implementation of the CMS system. (end Summary of the solutions you bring to work) .

You can reach me at this email pedro@gggggggmail.com or my cell 331.444.0000 to schedule an in-person interview.




Your signature (or full name if you send electronically)

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