Cupones de alimentos, como aplicar

A quien se los dan

The Florida government is trying to cut costs and staff, for it is changing the way they operate some centers of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) .
When the public goes to these centers to ask for clarification of the case, in some localities not you meet people you solve the problem, but rather to intermediaries with a mission to teach the public how to enter the computer and operate the program ACESS Florida so you can go and check there processing your case.

This sounds great in theory and also very modern, but the reality is different.
To start the information given ACESS Florida customer is much smaller than they could see before employees of the Department of Children and Families on their computers. Therefore, a jam happened in your case, you're devoid of help and your only recourse is to call a telephone switchboard access to information that is constantly busy. Many people say they spend hours and days on end without achieving calling communicate, given the huge volume of requests there.

It is therefore important when applying for government assistance, either food stamps or Medicaid , give the correct information and submit documents once required for the processing occurs smoothly. Click here and you'll find the forms you need, including some in Spanish. / P>

Anyone can apply for food stamps, which now come in the form of a debit card. However, you have to meet some requirements.

Everyone who seeks help from the government has to have a number of social security and be either American or have a legal status in the country citizen. Keep documents to check.

Coupons are definitely a huge help to put food on the table. The stamp program provides monthly money that can be used to buy food at authorized places.

Most supermarkets accept them .
The purpose is to help low income families with children, grandparents, the disabled and others who need it for their livelihood.

Today there is an electronic debit card (EBT) that counts down every time you make a purchase of the amount that has been given you by the government. The possibility of obtaining this card is made ​​dependent on people living in your home, earnings, expenses and other factors have. The money is deposited directly on the card every month.

If the income that you receive (based on how many members are there in your family) is less than or equal to the amounts in the table below, you may be eligible for food stamps. However, your income is equal to or less than what the table says, does not guarantee you're entitled to get them. Each case is different. The only way to know is to apply.

When they asked what your "income" you are asking what is the total of what you earn before subtracting taxes and any other deductions that make you your salary. Also if you receive other benefits, like other public assistance programs, unemployment insurance, or Social Security or SSI also tells you as income.
At the same time, if you have expenses such as care of a child by someone who does not live with you, can be deducted from the number listed as "your income" but this can not make you, they do.

Now also being respected in some states you have savings for retirement and to send your children to college and this does not affect you to be eligible for a meal card. If you can ask the amount that you have reserved, but in most states is not considered in the mathematical equation that makes you eligible

In Florida, the law requires that you have less than $ 2,000 in assets, excluding your home and cars and that the value of these are less than $ 8,500. If someone in your home has more than 60 years can not avail itself alone you can have up to $ 3,000 in assets.

They are not eligible:

* University (with some exceptions)
* Convicted drug trafficking
* Those who have violated a court ruling, whether national or international
* Fugitives from justice

Take a look at the following table:

* The number indicates the people who live in your home
* The first figure is the gross income limte must enter the home
* The second figure is the limit of net income you can receive home

1 - $ 1.037 - $ 798

2 - $ 1.390 - $ 1.070

3 - $ 1.744 - $ 1.341

4 - $ 2.097 - $ 1.613

5 - $ 2.450 - $ 1.885

6 - $ 2.803 - $ 2.156

7 - $ 3.156 - $ 2.428

8 - $ 3.509 - $ 2.700

Each additional person +354 +272

These are the income limits according to the number of people living in your home for a meal card.

With coupons you can buy only food being excluded:

* Everything that is not food
* Alcoholic beverages
* Animal feed
* Snuff
* Vitamins
* Medicines
* Hot meals

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