Buscando antiguos compañeros de colegio en internet.


Formerly, if you lost an agenda or moved from home, your phone automatically changed and many of the contacts were lost because they could not locate it . Today, thanks to new technologies, if we lose contact or track someone's because we do not really keep in touch with that person ... forms of communication there are thousands, and thanks to social networks and new mobile phones, continue contact if we change house or city is not a problem.

But ... What about those old classmates or activities that we would like to find again? The catchphrase " What will life ....? " Or " What will walk ....? ".

With social networks like Facebook and Twitter , we all started looking at some point these people we had lost contact.

If you have any of these social networks or perhaps some of the people you are looking for is not there, there are special search engines alumni schools.

How diggers compis work.

There are many pages devoted to find former colleagues. All are based on the registration of persons categorized in terms of origin and city and of course for school. While it is necessary that the person take the initiative to enroll in most of them, it may be interesting to see the network of contacts generated by people studying in one place and could take you to your real goal.

Most of these pages are intended for specific countries but there are some that span more than one country and region.

For the United States, the site par excellence is http://www.classmates.com /. The community is so big you can add resources and use all your tools such as books graduates from your year as well as the photos that appeared there. All this material is yielded by individual owners who create a network of contacts and operating in order to regain contact with former classmates.

Search social networks.

Another way to search directly, is through social networks. Facebook, allows specialized searches by filling some categories such as city or institution of study. You can also check if you have created some groups of your school in this network, which would be very common and there contact with other people, but the simplest is to make the search for school.

Also through linkedin, if you remember the name of some of your former classmates you can look but you run the risk that the photo you have on your profile not able to recognize if they have changed a lot and it's been so long. If you have this problem, you can send a private message asking if they are exactly the person you are looking for, as well as look at their profile if they attended school yourself.

The options are endless for finding people, but the fact of having specialized places like pages named above make that search may lead to forgotten memories and moments that both yearn, including photos, events and endless anecdotes.

Enjoy the process and have a good re-encounter.