Brickell un barrio con estilo

que se está convirtiendo en el corazón de Miami

The neighborhood of Brickell is Miami's financial center par excellence. Most national and international banks that houses this city are represented on this street as well as some consulates and innumerable companies.

This neighborhood is ideal for singles and families with few children and many of their skyscrapers have beautiful and spacious apartments overlooking Biscayne Bay. Now this Miami neighborhood, within walking distance of downtown is filled with restaurants bars and nightclubs that make competition to South Beach.

The downtown town is also one of the areas fastest growing Miami and although a few years ago was relegated to oblivion and at night there was no one dared to take a step there, that is changing rapidly and there are popular restaurants and nightclubs They attract the public into the night.

During the day this downtown Miami is full of noise caused by government offices, theaters, shops, historic buildings, courts, banks, schools, parks, libraries, museums and the University of Miami Dade College.

Few who live in Miami we realize that the Brickell area and the center of the city has about 200,000 residents make it one of the most populated cities in the US after New York and Chicago.

Downtown Miami and Coconut Grove are the oldest areas of Miami dating back to the 19th century with the first settlements. The urban area began when Henry Flagler made ​​part of the journey to Miami station.

William Brickell and George Merrick were responsible for developing Miami hotel construction buildings and houses.

This area is full of names reminiscent of those pioneers who made the start of this city.

Without going any further the new shopping center in this area, it called Mary Brickell Village. The center tries to create a neighborhood where there was none. Miami has so far been a very dispersed city. One went from neighborhood to neighborhood without seeing much difference and peculiarity but that is dissipating and now more than ever are creating very nice and with style communities.

That is the case now Brickell neighborhood adjoins the Downtown and have joined hands to share their new tenants and visitors a chic multicultural youth culture, carefree, and.

For example, in Mary Brickell Village is a calendar of events to attract the public and invite the whole family to share.

For Christmas and Thanksgiving are plans to put a large tree in this mall with Santa Claus and all that will be present from November 27 to December 19.

In this neighborhood a market is held outdoors on Sundays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM where you can buy all kinds of food, plant native Florida, jewelry and art.

Among the restaurants in this area they are: PF Chang's, The Oceanaire Seafood Room, & Bear Burger Joint, Rosa Mexicano, Fado Irish Pub, Balans Restaurant and Blue Martini.

The new and luxurious buildings of Brickell, some with spectacular views, have given rise to the so - called street of millionaires actually Brickell is a unique blend of financial and apartment buildings that allow those who live here, move, if desired , walk to work and while leaving bars at night and dinner at good restaurants without self need. This area is also served by a Metroliner linking it with the downtown and past this, well into Biscayne Street.

This mixture invites celebrities from around the world who want to have "one foot on the ground" in this city to buy in this neighborhood is establishing itself as the beating heart of this city.

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