Bimini,el nuevo barrio de Miami

Bimini is a beautiful island in the Bahamas which is only 80 kilometers from Miami. Known as a paradise for boaters and fishermen island is located right on the edge of the deep sea abyss Gulf. Thanks to that, it is surrounded by beautiful corals and deep blue waters of a turquoise full of blankets, define and turtles. Bimini was the secret paradise among others Ernest Hemingway in the 30's.

Bimini name apparently comes because it consists of two islands.

Its first inhabitants Indians "Lucayans" did not survive contact with Europeans and the island was completed populated by families from neighboring African descent most islands.

Conveniently close and yet far from the mainland, they began in Bimini dock fishing boats and luxury daily and has become an exquisite place to come and go on the same day or to relax for a weekend. Those who ventured to stay on the island enjoyed very simple but comfortable places.

Gerardo Capó a businessman from Miami to Bimini regular, glimpsed the tourism potential of the island and bought a vast area in the northern part of the island where there were only pine forests. There he began to build a holiday resort. The first phase were only apartments and houses with a central pool. Seeing the success he acquired his adventure, Hood decided to raise the tone a little more and started to build exclusive residences as part of the urbanization of Bimini Bay Resort

Many in Miami with purchasing power invested in these residences that allowed them easy and exclusive access, in just an hour and a half or two hours of journey. The news spread like wildfire and many bought in Bimini Bay, with the idea of ​​owning an exclusive place relatively close to Miami with ocean view.

Bimini also became one of the favorite places for young people, as part of a colossal beach in Bimini, being part of the Bahamas, you can drink alcohol without 21 years, as required by US law, by it revels organized at the expense of the famous Bahamian Kalik beer are famous all private schools in Miami ... what happens in stays in Bimini Bimini

The population of the island, quiet and lazy so far concentrated in the center of the northern island called Alice Town Native gladly accept and welcome visitors, provided they come not to disturb their peace. Even many established businesses around the tastes of its most frequent visitors.

Dominated by a main street from King's Highway which is bordered by several marinas, shops and a few local restaurants and bars, this sleepy town offers places that you can not miss as Edith Pizza, where you'll find pizza Lobster smacking fingers . Also visit the bar "The end of the world" and go eat salad "conch" Joe does in a beach bar in the middle of town. Coco Plum in the restaurant you can eat very good fish. . The beach north of Bimini Bay resort there is beautiful and fun
addition to Bimini Bay Resort other hotels you can stay are: Bimini Big Game Fishing Club and Camp Marina, Bimini Blue Water Resort and Camp Marina, Seacrest Hotel and camp Marina .

But the days of this island as a haven of tranquility may be numbered. So far nothing had been unable to break the quiet compass Bimini, with its languidecidas streets within a paralyzing welfare. There all inhabitants are known, greet and family feel.

Within a few months when the ferry of the company Balearia start your daily path from Ft. Lauderdale, except Wednesdays and with capacity up to 450 passengers and 80 vehicles, with an affordable cost of $ 49 one way and another both back, this quiet succumb to the visitors, who take advantage of the sea bridge to take the island by assault. The scheduled times allow customers to leverage all day in Bimini, since the output will be at 9:30 am, return at 20:30 and the journey time will be about two horas.Muchos compared to the ferri a 'Trojan horse "that will destroy the peace of this bahamese paradise.

The Ferri, devised and promoted by the Capó family, who has deftly managed to win the support of the authorities of the Bahamas, serves, among other things, the interests of this group always had the idea of ​​creating a casino in Bimini Bay Resort . A few companies specializing in gambling saw from the beginning forward this projection of the Hood family but were postponed until the investment had a traffic island that they might consider interesting.

With this view future drectivos Bimini Bay managed to convince one of the main Spanish companies operating ferries in the Mediterranean to comenzase a business venture in American lands. Said and done, the boat Pinar del Rio Balearia company began trips to the island of Grand Bahamas a few months ago, while sea dredging is performed to allow the ferry dock in Bimini.

Needless to say that many who bought on the island, mainly for its unique character, are not welcome the idea of ​​turning Bimini "in a neighborhood over Miami" as mentioned by some executives of Bimini Bay.

Executives at Bimini Bay Resort ensure the exclusivity of its development will continue and that other measures are considering requiring an entry with a relatively high cost to allow the use and access to the facilities offered.

So, apparently, is the security that is this group that your resort is not "cheapen" which just opened Rockwell Island a new project mansions two and a half million dollars located beachfront to attract, among others, the Americans from the northern states and others who may be interested in having beautiful mansions facing an incredibly beautiful sea, with entrance and private dock.

The question that remains in the air is whether it will maintain the same investment interest in this island now when it has a sea bridge that gives access to a wide audience, while there are many other islands enjoy now much more exclusive but They will be less enjoyable.

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