20 trabajos del futuro: 3D, bitcoins y drones. Parte I

This is not science fiction. The jobs that technology seems to steal (software, robots, etc.) it gives us opportunities as straight out of a movie of the future.

Sparks & Honey, the American think tank, presents the results of his research, in which we have twenty possible jobs for the future. There is no doubt that technology will alter our labor market in the coming years. Here hints with some of these jobs.

I've left the English names for the recognition in ads to find work soon.

  • Corporate disorganizer .- In other words, the opposite of a corporate organizer. He is a consultant to reach a large company to alter some hierarchy and rigid structure. That is, large companies try to look a little more like a startup, or at least in some respects.
  • Crowdfunding specialist .- With the new law (JOBS Act- Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act), which allows small businesses to sell their shares directly to the public using the system crowdfunding , increase demand for people capable of organizing such campaigns small investment scale. 
  • 3D printing handyman .- It is said that 3D printing is the future. It is predicted that by 2021 the industry value exceeds 10,000 million. Print prototypes or final products in your living room has become a reality in recent years. This popularity of 3D printers can be likened to the originating at the time by the computers themselves; ie technical specialists use and repair of 3D printers will have no trouble finding employment.
  • Microbial balancer.- With scientific advances in microbiology, seems to emerge a new labor field: the experts to balance the environment, and even people in the microbe. Do you have a deficit of microbes in your life? No problem, call balancer and you will order.
  • Curiosity tutor.- There tutors for every subject you can think of, college, high school, college degree, doctorate and many hobbies. But it is never enough to satisfy human curiosity; guardians seem so insatiable that even begin to appear to promote curiosity. That is, a father could hire this kind of tutor to encourage the curiosity of their children, help them explore new materials and even descrubran possible careers for their future careers.
  • Digital manager.- death Funeral services offered to the families of the dead, assist with paperwork, etc. But what about the legacy he could leave the deceased in the digital world? To manage those virtual walk past, or to continue the legacy, the family may engage the services of a digital manager. Imagine you were earning a living writing a daily blog. After death, the competition can start copying your ideas and distribute them as his own, taking advantage of your disappearance ... unless you or your family have hired a manager digital death .

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